Our goal is to compound shareholder capital over a full market cycle by participating sensibly when markets move up and losing less when markets pull back.


  • Buy at a Discount Our proprietary investment research seeks to determine the appraised value of a company. Investments are then ideally made at a significant discount to our conservative estimate of the company’s current intrinsic value.
  • Emphasis on Risk Defining risk as the permanent loss of capital, we believe that the quality of investment decisions is far more important than the quantity of investment decisions.
  • Willingness to Hold Cash Patience is necessary in the absence of obvious bargains, as entry price is a significant determinant of return.


Castle Investment Management is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser based in Alexandria, Virginia. Castle manages one investment strategy — the Castle Focus Fund (MOATX).

We believe that an experienced value manager who adheres to a disciplined and conservative approach to investing gives clients the best chance to compound capital over a full market cycle.

We are an independent firm that is managed by its owners.